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A Day To Forget 1/6

Title: A Day To Forget 1/6
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, OCs
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic torture
Length: 1594 words.
Disclaimer: In my dreams I own Torchwood, in reality I don’t. This is reality.
Spoilers: general for seasons 1 and 2
Summary: Ianto sees Jack interrogating someone and can't handle it.
Author's Notes: this is my first (and probably last) real multi-chapter fic and is nothing like what I usually write. A bunny bit me while watching Countrycide and wouldn’t let go. Thank you to

tardistenantsue for putting up with me and my crazyness and for supporting me when I didn’t want to write it anymore. Ianto’s family is AU because I like to ignore the fact COE exists and everything related to it.

“Where’s Jack?” Ianto asked, putting the sacks of food down.

“He’s down in the interrogation room.” Owen snapped.

“Alone?” Ianto asked, handing out everyone’s food.

“He’s locked us out.” Tosh told him, smiling her thanks. “He did this growl thing and then he went down. Owen tried to follow him but he sealed the door. We’ve been trying to get in but no luck yet. He’s also cut the CCTV feed and nothing I’ve tried has been able to get it working.”

“I don’t understand why he would do something like this.” Gwen whined. “I told him we should talk to the alien. Be friendly and get him to open up and help us. Jack just kind of glared. If we just offer him friendship I’m sure he will be more than happy to help us out.” Owen snorted and Gwen glared at him giving Ianto time to school his expression before she turned back to him. “Can you talk to him? He just ignores us when we try to contact him. Maybe tell him you have coffee for him. That will bring him out!”

Ianto cleared his throat to stifle a laugh. “I’ll do my best Gwen.”

Gwen beamed at him and went back to her station to work on her latest project.

“I know you aren’t a miracle worker Yan but if there’s anything you can do to find out what’s going on we could use the help.” Tosh said softly. “Jack’s on his own down there and we have no way of knowing if he needs help.”

“I’ll find a way to get to him Tosh. Don’t worry.” Ianto reassured her.

Ianto made his way through the Hub towards Jack’s office, picking up the rubbish as he went, and closed and locked the door behind him. He opened the hatch to Jack’s quarters and slid down the ladder, taking a moment to breath in the comforting scent of Jack before moving to the bedside table. He pulled out the little black book Jack had shown him and flipped through it until he found the code for the lockbox and the code to override the lock Jack had put on the doors with his wrist strap.

Ianto sat on the bed heavily and stared at the book in his hands.

Jack had locked himself down there for a reason and he had turned off the CCTV for a reason as well. But like Tosh said, anything could be happening. Jack could need their help and they wouldn’t know.

Ianto took a deep breath before he got off the bed and opened the armoire. He pulled up the false bottom and gently removed the heavy lockbox from within.

His hands shook as he punched in the code and pressed his thumb to the little scanner pad and twitched as his hand started to tingle.

There was a small click and the top of the lockbox popped open.

Ianto picked up the small disc and held it in the palm of his hand. He carefully entered the override code into the disc and slipped it into his pocket.

Ianto took one last deep breath, savouring Jack’s scent, before he climbed back up the ladder and into Jack’s office. Ianto slipped unnoticed though the main area of the Hub and managed to reach the door to the interrogation rooms without drawing attention to himself.

The disc beeped in his pocket when grabbed the locked doorknob and Ianto smiled as he heard the lock click and the door swung open. Ianto slipped inside and let the door swing shut behind him, the lock clicking back into place.

Ianto made swiftly made his way down the empty corridor, peering into the interrogation rooms as he passed, looking for his captain and their prisoner.

Ianto reached the last room and when he peered into the room his blood ran cold.

Jack was standing in front of the chair, his sleeves rolled up, blue shirt undone so it revealed the white t-shirt beneath and swung around his body as he moved. Ianto could see sweat on Jack’s face and blood staining the white cotton shirt, telling the young man Jack had been at this for a while. Probably since he left to get their lunches.

The prisoner was chained to the chair by his wrists and ankles, unable to move away from Jack’s beating. Jack moved to the side and Ianto could see that the prisoner’s face was swollen and bruised already, blood streaming from his nose and other cuts on his face and neck.

Ianto watched stunned as Jack slammed the man’s face into the table, a gash opening on the man’s forehead and spraying Jack with a little more blood. Ianto heard the rumble of Jack’s voice and a pause which Ianto assumed was Jack waiting for an answer. Jack obviously didn’t get the answer he was looking for because he backhanded the man twice before punching him, the man’s head snapped to the side every time Jack’s hand connected.

Jack moved away from the man and Ianto thought it was over until he saw Jack put a black bag onto the table. Ianto’s heart froze as he realized Jack was just getting started.

Jack pulled out a rod and pushed it against the man’s side. Ianto watched as the man jumped and convulsed as electricity shot through him. Jack pulled the rod away and the man slumped forward until Jack made contact again. The man shook and struggled, his mouth open in a silent scream every time Jack used the rod.

Ianto felt his heart stop when he saw Jack’s face. It was blood splattered and he was smiling. He was enjoying what he was doing to the other man.

Ianto watched, transfixed, as Jack pressed the rod against the man’s chest, just to the right of his heart.

When Jack let up this time the man’s head dropped forward to his chest, hanging there boneless. Jack lifted the man’s head and backhanded him again. His head dropped forward again as soon as Jack let it go but Ianto saw a twitch showing the man was still conscious.

The man lifted his head, shaking with the effort and looked Jack in the eye as he spit in Jack’s face. Jack roared, a primal noise Ianto had never heard from Jack before. Jack started yelling at the man, spittle raining down on the man as Jack threw careless punches into the meat of his body.

Ianto whimpered as he saw the man start coughing up blood and Jack still didn’t slow his assault. Instead the grin on his face only grew wider.

Ianto watched in horror as Jack pulled a long, slim Bowie knife from the bag. Ianto knew from cleaning it that it was sharp and could slice through skin like it was butter.

Jack started by just pressing the blade against the man’s arm. A shallow gash opened and blood started trickling down his arm, dripping on the ground because his clothes were already too saturated with blood to hold any more.

Jack slowly cut into more of the man’s body, the cuts slowly getting longer and deeper until the man’s scream was unending and ragged.

Jack made a deep gash in the man’s stomach, the flesh splitting like two red lips and creating a gaping mouth that Jack pushed his free hand into so he could grasp the man’s innards.

The screaming stopped and Ianto thought the man had finally passed out but saw that Jack had removed his hand because the man was speaking.

When the man finished talking Jack moved behind him and pushed his head forward before pulling the knife across his throat roughly, killing the man almost instantly.

Jack wiped his hands on a towel from the bag and slipped everything back inside before going to the door.

Jack gasped when he left the room and literally bumped into Ianto, getting blood on the younger man’s suit.

“Yan...” Jack started. “”

“You gave me the pass code just in case.” Ianto whispered, still too stunned to move. “I came down to get you for lunch and to see if you were having any problems. I couldn’t figure out why you would lock yourself down here but I guess I know now.”

“You killed him.” Ianto’s voice broke and he was suddenly finding it hard to breathe. “You beat him up...tortured him and then killed him.”

“It was the only way Yan.” Jack whispered. “He was a warrior. The only way to get information from him was to make him hurt. I’ve dealt with his kind before Yan. They will destroy the world without a second thought unless we stop them and the only way to stop them is to find out their plans. If there was any other way...”

“You enjoyed it.” Ianto whimpered.

Ianto backed up until he hit the wall and couldn’t move any further, staring wide eyed at the man he thought he knew.

Jack reached out towards Ianto but let his hand drop when he saw the younger man flinch away.


“I’m sorry Jack. I just can’t.” Ianto said, the words tumbling from his mouth in a rush “Sorry.”

Ianto slid along the wall until he was definitely out of Jack’s reach and with a final sorry he turned and rushed down the hallway, trying to escape what he had just witnessed.

Jack watched as Ianto disappeared down the hall and he heard the outer door slam shut behind him, leaving him completely alone.

Chapter 2

Tags: a day to forget, fanfic, gwen cooper, ianto jones, jack harkness, nc-17, owen harper, torchwood, toshiko sato

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