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candybree's Journal

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My name is Candy. I live a very boring life and do absolutely nothing especially since I started Uni.
If you ask me what province I live in it will depend on where I am at that moment. I switch between Manitoba and Nova Scotia depending on whether I am at Uni or not.
I want to be a marine biologist, and am working on my general degree right now, and plan on living on a boat on the ocean when I graduate. I want to study dolphins and whales and maybe even sharks.
I love scuba diving and currently have my advanced open water certification though I hope to get further certified soon. One recommendation is that if you ever go on a night dive try fish tipping. It is lots of fun!
I often say that I hate life, but most of the time I'm just frustrated and/or tired.
I'm usually happy and I like joking with friends. People say I'm insane and I definitely am.
I'm actually very shy despite what some people say and I really don't talk much.
I worship Janto, they belong with each other and no one else. Gwack should die.
I pretty much only write smut and fluff. Or smutty fluff. And usually only oneshots. I don't do long stories.
I post my stories on Fanfiction.net under the same username.

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